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About the Floral Art Society of NZ (FASNZ)

FASNZ was formed over 50 years ago in Wellington and since then has expanded to encompass a large membership throughout the whole of New Zealand. By creating and following our society objectives, we have been able to establish a comprehensive education sector, as well as differing levels of membership and benefits via Outpost and the Twinning programme which allows groups and clubs from NZ and overseas to meet and share ideas, designs and concepts.

Membership of a Floral Art Club provides for its members :-

  • An opportunity to develop artistic and creative pursuits.

  • An appreciation of nature and designing with natures bounty.

  • An opportunity to enhance your home or social function with beautiful designs.

  • Further understanding of Design and through its comprehensive Educational Programme.

  • Friendship

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A Brief History of Floral Art Society of New Zealand

In December 1964 the Wellington Floral Art Group met for a Christmas luncheon. From that social function our co - founders Mrs Eleanor Dobbs and Mrs Gean Kerr convened meetings throughout Wellington and subsequently New Zealand, to unify flower arrangement clubs and thus the Floral Art Society of New Zealand was formed.

Since those early beginnings the Floral Art Society of New Zealand has gone from strength to strength.

  • A constitution was written.

  • An extensive Educational programme developed.

  • Overseas Demonstrators have toured regularly.

  • In 1981 the Floral Art Society of New Zealand joined W.A.F.A. as a founding member.

  • A magazine Floral Focus is published three times a year.

  • A Diary featuring designs contributed by members is published annually.

  • A book of Floral design in New Zealand "Influences" was produced in 1996 to celebrate Floral Art Society of New Zealand hosting the 5th W.A.F.A. Show.

  • Outpost Membership of Floral Art Society of New Zealand was established.

  • A book of Floral design in New Zealand "Expressions" was produced in 2005 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of FASNZ.

  •  A book celebrating 50 Years of FloravisioNZ was produced in 2015. Entitled "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" the spiral bound book features colour photographs of all the prize winning designs and Exhibition designs from FloravisioNZ 2015.

  • A National Exhibition is held every five years.

    • 1969 "Voyage of Discovery" Lower Hutt

    • 1975 "F.A.S.T.A." Lower Hutt

    • 1980 "Design '80" Rotorua

    • 1985 "Flowers Alive "85" Christchurch

    • 1990 "Spectrum" Auckland

    • 1996 "Floranza" in conjunction with the 5th W.A.F.A. World Show Wellington

    • 2000 "FloravisioNZ" Christchurch

    • 2005 "FloravisioNZ" Hamilton

    • 2010 "FloravisioNZ" Wanganui

    • 2015 "FloravisioNZ" Rotorua


F.A.S.N.Z. Twinning Programme

The F.A.S.N.Z. Twinning programme provides an opportunity for F.A.S.N.Z. Clubs to have individual contact with other New Zealand or International Floral Art Clubs. The programme works by an exchange of correspondence between clubs on a regular basis and the opportunity to visit your Twin club if travelling overseas.

It is a great way to share ideas, programmes and design concepts with members from around the world, all of whom have the common bond of designing with different plant material and design styles.

For further details of the F.A.S.N.Z. Twinning programme please contact the FASNZ Secretary



Become a members of FASNZ linked by post with others within New Zealand and throughout the world who are interested in Floral Design and the activities of FASNZ.

Yearly membership includes:

  • Three Newsletters.

  • Three Editions of Floral Focus the Society's attractive and informative magazine.

  • One Diary, featuring 50 colour plates of floral designs by FASNZ members in a one page per week publication.

  • One copy of the Annual Conference Brochure & Registration form.

  • Opportunity to attend Annual Conferences, including functions, workshops and the Annual General Meeting.

  • Access to Educational Programs including Correspondence Courses.

  • Easy access to FASNZ trading items.

Yearly subscription $65 within New Zealand.
Overseas membership $NZ110.

National Treasurer
Sharon Beckett
16 Everard Place
Ngongotaha 3010
Ph/Fax: 07 357 4433

Please send Visa or Mastercard details with your Application.

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