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The Floral Art Society of New Zealand has an extensive educational programme, which is administered by the FASNZ Education Committee.

The unit system of education provides tuition in a series of six courses. These units are designed to provide comprehensive education for FASNZ members only. It is intended that the units provide stimulation and extended education to attain a FASNZ Diploma in Teaching, Judging or Demonstrating.

There is also provision for some units to be studied by correspondence. The FASNZ “Unit Guidelines” explains all details and requirements for study.

A valuable reference book, "Flair" covers all aspects of FASNZ, including floral art definitions, botanical terms, administration and education.


1. Design Unit


2. Plant Knowledge Unit


3. Stewarding and Scheduling Unit


4. Practical Judging Unit


5. Teaching Unit


6. Demonstrating Unit


Certificate of Practical Design.

For those FASNZ members not wishing to study the theory of design to the level required by the unit system, there is a practical design option leading to a FASNZ Inc “Certificate in Practical Design“. The examination consists of eight practical designs. Full details are available from the Floral Art Society of New Zealand Education Unit Secretary.

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