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Step by Step 'A Star' - A Hanging Design

By Janthia Holt
Education Committee 2017


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The size of the star your create will depend largely on the length of the sticks which you use, and its appearance will be determined by the texture of the twigs ... experiment with multi-branching twigs as well as straight, unbranched ones. the more recently the sticks were cut, the more flexible they will be.

Requirements Requirements.

A bundle of sticks, including at least 5 straight, sturdy ones. These may be plum, apple or olive prunings.

Secateurs and wire cutters

10 cable ties

Galvanised tie wire (18 - 22 gauge, depending on the thickness of the sticks) or decorative wire to either tone or contrast with your sticks.

Other plant material to add interest e.g. lichened twigs, seed pods.

If flowers are to be added, a small piece of floral foam or vials.


Step 1:

Step 1


Place 5 straight sturdy sticks to form a 5 pointed star. Try to get a thick end and a thin end at each point.

Step 2:

Step 2



Secure the sticks in position using cable ties at each point and overlap.


Step 3:

Step 3



Thread more sticks into your structure, weaving them under and over where possible. This will strengthen your structure.




Step 4:

Step 4



Continue until the required density of sticks is achieved. I then added lichened twigs.





Step 5:

Step 5



Using tie, or decorative wire, bind the structure firmly around each point and across the centre. This will help with defining the outline of the star.




Step 6:

Step 6


Remove the cable ties.








Your star may now be hung as a mobile, supported on a stand, or placed horizontally on a flat surface. Add other plant materials as required, using vials or floral foam.

Star DesignHanging Star

Star Design
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