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A Structural Design, by Heather Rizzi, Central Southland Floral Art Club, FASNZ.

This design is a freestanding, three dimensional structure made from nature’s branches. The many lines are secured together by invisible joining. The outer form of the structure will be fairly static to allow a clear definition. A centre of interest is not required.

[Click the photos for a closeup view of the design]



  • Tray: To hold water (approx 240mm x 350mm x 25mm)
  • Orchid phials and food colouring (4-5)
  • Decorative wire to cover phials
  • Embellishments – sequins, beads, pins etc (if desired)
  • Kebab sticks and drill bit of same diameter
  • Example of a three dimensional design.Power drill and PVA glue
  • Wire 160mm x three lengths


  1. 12 Betula pendula (silver birch) branches, random lengths 300mm to 450mm
    • Suggested alternatives: Acer (maple), Philadelphus, etc. One variety only
  2. Two stems of trailing Hedera (ivy)
    • Suggested alternatives: Vinca (periwinkle), or Asparagus fern
  3. Eight Hedera (ivy) leaves
  4. Three – four Leucadendrons
    • Suggested alternatives: Clematis, Anemone, Gerbera etc
  5. 60 – 70 Lophomyrtus bullata (NZ Myrtle) leaves


  1. Hold bases of two branches level on table, and join the two by boring holes through both branches, placing PVA glue in holes, and inserting kebab stick between the two to make an invisible join
  2. Example showing how to arrange and collect branches.Gradually connect branches at various angles in this way, until structure is firm (see photo)
  3. Embellish phials and attach with decorative wire, to branches
  4. Fill phials with water coloured with food colouring
  5. Put two stem placements of Hedera over the top of the design
  6. Group several ivy leaves in one phial
  7. Thread Lophomyrtus leaves on wire x three pieces (vary no. per wire) and fix these wires to branches
  8. Place Leucadendrons in phials
  9. Embellish design with Agave sisalana (sisal), or alternative choice
  10. Place design in tray of water
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