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'Bend it Break it'

From the workshop Marie -Françoise Déprez in Paris
By Val de Lautour
Education Committee 2015

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Requirements Requirements.



This simple but effective technique only requires a bunch of willow branches, or similar, that is reasonably dry, a good quality double-sided tape and a coloured yarn of your choice.




Step 1:

Step 1


Select the section of a branch that you would like to break and cover with double-sided tape, then wrap the yarn, in a binding technique, tightly around the branch and secure.

Step 2:

Step 2.


You may use this technique on other parts of the branch and leave as an embellishment or break it.


Step 3:

Break the branch in the centre of the yarn covered piece and the yarn will hold the branch at the desired angle.

Once the technique has been completed the branch may be incorporated in to a design with endless colour combinations and design possibilities. The willow branches are long lasting and will grow in water producing little green shoots.

Step 3.

Break the branch in the centre of the yarn.

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