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A cornucopia is a horn shaped form, symbolic of abundance and richness and typically used to capture the spirit of the Greek and Roman era. However contemporary adaptations can be used in modern designing.

By Liz Chapman
(FASNZ Education Committee 2013)

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To make a Cornucopia you will need:-

  • Galvanised wire netting approximately 75 centimeters by 50 centimeters
  • A piece of cotton fabric; calico or an old sheet is best. Do not use a polyester based fabric.
  • PVA glue
  • Paint
  • Rubber gloves and pegs

Step 1:

Shape the netting into a horn shape.


Shape the netting into a horn shape. Secure the edges by overlapping ends of netting and pressing firmly.

Step 2:

Wrap wet glued fabric around the wire netting shape.


Wet the fabric and wring out as much water as possible. Completely immerse the fabric in full strength PVA glue. Wrap wet glued fabric around the wire netting shape. You may need to peg the ends but remove pegs before completely dry. Leave to dry thoroughly.Plaster of paris may be used as an alternative to PVA glue.

Step 3:

Completed cornucopia.

When the calico fabric is completely dry, paint to the colour of your choice.

Complete the finished cornucopia with plant material of your choice.

Select plant material for its colour and form. Accessories and embellishments such as drapes or decorative wires may be included.


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