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'Criss Cross'

By Annette Waller.
Education Committee 2015

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This contemporary design is created using flat sticks on a double sided sticky tape backing. Used singularly, it is suitable for a coffee table or in multiples as an installation for a dining table.


  • Scissors and secateurs
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Flat cane, thin reeds or sticks- cut these to approximately 150mms in length
  • Small plastic or glass phials
  • Lace
  • Small flowers e.g. pansies, dianthus or small roses
  • A container around which to form your structure e.g. a straight sided tumbler or tin

Step 1:

Step 1


Peel backing strip from the double sided tape and lay on a flat surface, sticky side up. Lay the thin sticks, reeds or cane in a 'criss cross' fashion over the tape. Make up to one metre in length.



Step 2:

Step 2.


Bring tape over the top to give a second layer of double sided tape to secure the sticks, reeds or cane into position, pressing firmly. Make three such lengths.




Step 3:

Step 2.


Measure and cut sufficient lace to go around the circumference of the central container (which will be removed). Attach lace to one end of the double sided tape on top of the sticks, reeds or cane and place container on to again.



Step 4:

Roll up pulling the tape backing away. Continue rolling up the stick, reed or cane form, adding phials at intervals. Join in additional metre lengths as you roll.

Step 4.Step 2.







Step 5:

Step 6 - Completed Design.


Add lace around the outside to camouflage the sticky tape. Remove central container. Place on flat surface and adjust stick, reed or cane lengths if necessary, for balance. Add water to phials and then position flowers.






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