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Education logo signifying that this article has been approved by the FASNZ Education Committee.CROSSHATCHING:

This definition of Crosshatching is from the FASNZ Inc. reference handbook, Flair.

"A technique in which a pattern is made of a series of multiple crossing lines."

[Click the photos below for a closeup view of the design]


Example of the crosshatching technique in use.TECHNIQUE:

This is a versatile technique in which formal or random patterns are created by tying or gluing components together.

The Crosshatching may be used as a container or staging or as a specific component or embellishment within your design. It may be rigid or flexible and of any shape.


Crosshatching can utilise a variety of plant materials.SELECTION:

Select linear plant material with good keeping qualities such as flax, reeds, steel or bear grass, pine needles, sticks etc.  Components other than plant material may also be used eg. plastic straws. Use your imagination and create an original work of art using this technique.


Example of crosshatching used to create a floral designFASTENINGS:

It is important to have neat ties and fastenings. Decorative wires, cable ties, hot or cold glue can all be used as fastenings.

Remember if using fresh plant material it will contract as it dries and the tied fastenings will loosen.

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