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SCALE - Variations on a Theme

Designs by Margaret Whyte of the Invercargill Floral Art Club

Scale is a Principle of Design - The comparative size of individual parts to each other, to the whole and to the allotted staging space.

[Click the photo for a closeup view of each design]



Driftwood sticks.


Plant Material:
Design (a)
Driftwood sticks, or stripped willow branches of a similar size
Pansies or other small flowers
Asparagus fern


Flax sticks.


Plant Material:
Design (b)

Flax kaladi sticks or branches of a similar diameter
Camellia blooms or similar
Asparagus fern


Elderberry branches.


Plant Material:
Design (c)

Elderberry branches of approx 170cm in length (alternatively choose other bare branches e.g. Poplar)
Daisies or other similar blooms of a dominant nature (the central eye increases the eye pull of these blooms in the design shown)


Other Requirements:

Netting around a floral design.

Netting Choose netting the length and width desired with hole sizes in scale with the size of the plant material. e.g. in the large design, the dimensions of the netting are 35 x 120cm (rabbit netting) for the smaller designs (a) and (b) choose firm smaller squared netting

Cable Ties

Test Tubes with size in scale to size of the plant material selected



  • Make circle with netting and divide in to four equal parts for the first four sticks

  • Place 4 sticks around the outside of the netting so that they sit level with each other, and the same length from the netting to the ground.

  • Attach sticks/branches to the top and bottom of the netting with cable ties

  • Fill in gaps with further sticks, not all of which are required to touch the ground, and tie as before

  • Place test tubes between branches with cable ties - the relative size, or scale to relate to the size of the plant material

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