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At a recent 'Clippings' workshop held in Christchurch ,floral art members, who had attended a summer workshop in Arrowtown, with tutors Rhonda Hall and Rae Baxter from Southland, shared the following technique they had learnt, with some of FASNZ Canterbury and South Canterbury Areas' more experienced members.

FASNZ acknowledges Rhonda Hall's and Rae Baxter's introduction of this new technique.

[Click the photos below for a closeup view of the design]



  • Flat cane such as the flexi cane available from floral art supply or craft supply shops. It is sold by the reel or in bundles approx 1.5metres long. (At least 20 lengths required for one form.)
  • Alternatively, Willow (weeping) long lengths15-20 with leaves stripped from stems.
  • A geometric polystyrene shape, square, rectangular, round, triangular. Approx 300mm x 300mm, depth approx 30mm.
  • 1 clean large bucket or similar size container for soaking cane
  • 1 pair of disposable latex gloves
  • A low sided container suitable for holding petrol to a depth that will cover the polystyrene wrapped form


Soak cane in bucket of water for a short time to make more pliable. Remove from water and pat dry with towel. Wind and weave flat cane or willow randomly or formally around a polystyrene shape of your choice. You may need to place pins in the cane to hold it in place on the polystyrene shape at the beginning. Wind and weave until you are happy with your covered shape. Remove pins or any wire holding the shape.

Geometric Netting - Wrap to suit taste.    Geometric Netting - Wrap to suit taste    Geometric Netting - Wrap to suit taste.



Take bound shape outside and wearing rubber gloves immerse in petrol. Swirl a little if required, until polystyrene dissolves. Remove and hang or place, in sun to dry.

Dissolving Process Dissolving Process Dissolving Process



Create a modern design, using a modern container or metal stand/spike table top size.

Test tubes and wire for attaching.

Some pieces of bold foliage, Grasses, Flax, 1 3 flowers or succulents. (Keep it very minimal.) .

Completed Geometric Network Designs Completed Geometric Network Designs Completed Geometric Network Designs

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