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Keeping Roses in Hot Weather

Many members may do this but for those who haven't and for new members you may find this interesting.

When called upon to do wedding flowers when the temperature is hitting 30° plus and there are no cool places in the house to keep the flowers it can be very daunting.

To solve this problem purchase a fridge thermometer from the local hardware store. Remove all the liquid refreshments and relevant shelving out of the spare fridge and then test the current temperature of the fridge. Using the thermometer allowed the readjustment of the fridge settings to achieve the most suitable temperature.

The temperature was kept at 5℃ which seemed to work well and didn't burn the roses. If you think the fridge temperature may burn the roses, add a container of water which will increase the humidity.

The roses arrived on a very hot day and they looked like they would open far too quickly. The stems were re-cut, followed immediately by dipping the ends into a 'Quick Dip' solution and then put into preserving jars of water and placed in the fridge. It is important to make sure the flowers do not touch the fridge walls. They kept very well and were perfect when used. The bride's mother reported that the bouquets lasted for two weeks.

Another tip to keep your designs watered on very hot days is to place ice cubes in the container instead of water. The ice will melt slowly and keep the floral foam wet and cool.

Fridge Thermometer


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