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Education logo signifying that this article has been approved by the FASNZ Education Committee.KNOTTING:

This definition of Knotting is from the FASNZ Inc. reference handbook, Flair.

"The tying of thread-like plant material or other components to create a feature or fastening."

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Examples of floral knotting techniques.TECHNIQUE:

This technique is exactly as the definition says.  

By tying the plant material into a knot, the knot then becomes a feature in the design, creating interest either as a fastening to hold two or more design components together or as an embellishment in the design, giving accent.

Bold plant material knotted may also become a dominant feature in a design.

The knot may be tied tightly or loosely; single or double; it depends on the desired effect.



Floral Design using Knotting Technique.SELECTION:


Careful selection of plant material is required; grasses, reeds, flax, strong linear foliage, kelp, some bark varieties or vines etc are all suitable for this technique.

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