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Education logo signifying that this article has been approved by the FASNZ Education Committee.SANDSPIKER:

An Innovative Design using the Sandspiker Technique

By Roseanne Armstrong - Education committee
Photography Shirley Russ - Education committee

[Click the photos below for a closeup view of the design]

    You will need:


  • 1 packet of bamboo skewers
  • 1 roll of sandpaper ( this comes in 2 colours (Alo and Garnet), available from any hardware store size P60 150mm x 1 metre The smooth side of the sandpaper needs to be painted.
  • Nail and hammer (nail to be slightly smaller than skewer size)
  • 3 4 orchid phials
  • Stapler, ruler and pencil

Plant Material

  • Small fruit or vegetables, berries
  • Leaves - Philodendron xanadu, large ivy, magnolia or similar x 5
  • Tangled form - example - sophora microphylla contorta, muelenbeckia astoni
  • You may wish to include a feature flower such as calla lily, hydrangea

Step 1: Prepare Sandspiker materials.STEP 1:

Gather the materials. Find the middle of the sandpaper and cut in half. Staple both ends together.


Step 2: Insert bamboo skewersSTEP 2:

With your nail and hammer, punch random holes (slightly smaller than skewers) and then insert the bamboo skewers at various angles.


Step 3: Add plant material to your sandspiker floral designSTEP 3:

Add your plant material, sophora has been used in this design


Step 4: Add vegetables and leaves to enhance your floral designSTEP 4:

Slice the carrot and insert onto the skewers as desired. Add the philodendron leaves.

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