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This page lists and displays the various publications and items available from FASNZ which you can order here online. They include Expressions, Floral Focus, FANZ Diary, Notelets and Cards and "Flair" our floral reference book.

International customers can get an idea of the prices by using the currency calculator. Set the top box to New Zealand Dollar.


EXPRESSIONS - Floral Design In New Zealand

Floral Art Society of New Zealand presents their new book Expressions - Floral Design In New Zealand.

Diversity in culture, climate, flora and landforms in New Zealand has led to unique creative expressions in our floral design. Innovative top floral designers from the internationally renowned Floral Art Society of New Zealand Inc. have been selected to participate in the publication Expressions - Floral Design in New Zealand.

Expressions was released at FloravisioNZ, 4 - 11 April 2005, the Society's National Exhibition and 40th Anniversary. This beautifully presented hard cover, 88 page book is sure to become a benchmark in Floral Design worldwide. We welcome your order on the form below to secure your personal copy of the limited edition book.

Special on the Expressions Book - Buy now at less than half price.



Less than half price!

Special Sale $35 each plus P&P (GST inclusive)

Click here to print the Expressions - Floral Design in New Zealand ORDER FORM



Autumn/Winter Floral Focus 2010.Floral Focus

A magazine for floral designers, published twice yearly.

Autumn / Winter 2010

Orders can be placed with the treasurer >>

Price $17.00 (plus P&P) for 2 copies per year.

Overseas orders welcome


Floral Binder - Click for larger view.FLORAL FOCUS BINDERS

Size A4 - Will hold 12 Magazines.

Orders can be placed with the treasurer >>

Price $15.00 (plus P&P)


Sample Photos Click to Enlarge

CD of Exhibition of Design Styles & Techniques Hastings 2008

Floral Art Society of N.Z. Inc. ACADEMY OF FLORAL DESIGN

The photographic record of this exhibition is now available for purchase in the form of a CD of digital images. 110 photos of 107 Styles of Design and Techniques listed in ‘Flair’.

This visual reference is highly recommended for all interested designers and for those studying FASNZ Education Units.

For NZ residents to obtain your personal copy, please send NZ$15 to:

The Treasurer Academy of Floral Design
Lorraine Usher
57 Churchill Road
Murrays Bay
Auckland 0630.

***Please make cheques payable to: ‘Academy of Floral Design’

Overseas Orders:
(Price inclusive of postage and packing)
Australia: NZ$19 U.K. & Europe: NZ$22
Other Countries: NZ$23


2009 Floral Diary Cover.FASNZ DIARY 2010

Featuring 50 colour plates of floral designs by FASNZ members.

One page per week for all your appointments

Price $12.00 (plus P&P)

Orders can be placed with the treasurer >>



Click to Enlarge

$5.50 plus Postage and packaging per pack. Each pack contains 6 cards and envelopes and 6 small gift cards.

Each card features a different floral design suitable for all occasions and with a plain centre.

New Zealand orders $5.50 (plus P&P)

Orders can be placed with the treasurer >>

Click to Enlarge

New Cards 2009

Packs of 8 Small Cards with envelopes.

Each card features a different floral design with a plain centre.

$5.00 per pack (plus P&P)

Orders can be placed with the treasurer »



"FLAIR" - The FASNZ Reference Book

The FASNZ reference book - Revised Edition 2007

Flair - floral art reference book.AIMS.

  • To stimulate the art of floral design
  • To encourage a knowledge and appreciation of nature's materials.
  • To provide guidelines for stewarding, scheduling and exhibiting.
  • To provide clear and concise rules for judging floral design in New Zealand.
  • To promote the role of education and provide information.

This publication covers all aspects of New Zealand Floral Art and summarises the rules of the Society

Price $12.00 (plus P&P)

Orders can be placed with the treasurer >>


Styles of Design and Technique reference book.Styles of Design and Technique Reference Book

This publication is a pictorial presentation of full colour photographs representative of the various Styles of Design referred to in 'Flair' as well as examples of Techniques showing some of the ways in which they are constructed and how they may appear... refer to the cd section above for more details

Price $17.50 (plus P&P)

Orders can be placed with the treasurer >>



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