Introduction to Education System

FASNZ Inc. delegates responsibility for all educational matters to the Education Committee.

The FASNZ Inc. Education Committee consists of the FASNZ Inc. President, five members of FASNZ Inc. who have attained a National qualification in Judging, Teaching, or Demonstrating, the Representative of the Academy of Floral Design, and an appointed Unit Secretary.

Nominations for these positions are forwarded by Clubs to the FASNZ Inc. Secretary by a required date, and the FASNZ Inc. Clubs then elect five members by electronic means. Elections are held annually.

The Education Committee elects its own Chairman, Minute Secretary, and appoints the Unit Secretary.

On election the Chairman becomes a member of the FASNZ Inc. Management Board. The finances of the Education Committee are approved by the FASNZ Inc. Management Board and administered by the FASNZ Inc. Treasurer.


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