Incidental Colour in Colour Harmony Design

By Elizabeth Konig

Incidental Colour Definition: "Subordinate colour that occurs naturally in plant materials; e.g. calyx, centers, stems." Flair

The use of incidental colour in most designing is acceptable, however when a schedule asks for a design to be in a specific colour harmony, or an examination piece is based on a specific colour harmony, the designer would need to consider just how much incidental colour is acceptable.

Care should be exercised when choosing flowers and other plant materials for these designs, and the following are just some considerations that should be observed.

Harmony in Red Ann Kennedy

A feature of grouped Calla stems in a contemporary monochromatic design based on the hue, red, would be down pointed under 'expression and suitability' by the judging panel.

Study in Blue Valmae Cameron

The yellow luminous markings on a blue Iris could also be a distraction if they were used in a monochromatic design based on the hue blue.

Achromatic Harmony Ann Haszard

In an Achromatic design, care should be taken to ensure that green stems do not dominate within the design.


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