Central Southland Floral Art Club

September 2021 Meeting

In this instance, “Manipulation” means to handle or control in a skillful manner for the purpose of our art form.
The “Metal Manipulation’” demonstration by Sheree, Rebecca, Bronc and Rhonda was presented to share contemporary ideas with metal. The team have been experimenting and exploring various metals that could be incorporated into floral art and sculptural forms for artistic purposes.

Metal mechanics can be simple, contemporary and do not require a lot of plant material to enhance the forms. Great for abstract design! Some may say that plant material does not predominate enough BUT even the tiniest flower is still the STAR of the design! Nature commands attention and does have it’s place in design regardless of amounts.
Look to other artists for inspiration. Norbert Kricke a German sculpture worked in a simplistic way – his work was all about rods and lines. He started creating abstract sculptures in 1947…all those years ago, using wires and other materials associated with industry. Very appropriate for the “Contemporary Rustic” trend which is in vogue today.

So, ideas evolve from the past, we extend and explore the concepts and incorporate them into contemporary designs of today.
The craft scene is very big in Floral Art around the world. It will be here for some time as new and exciting techniques and mediums evolve with colour and interior design trends of the day. We know that one trend, technique or other hand craft can lead to another, by exploring, ideas keep coming - there is no end to creativity. It’s an exciting time to be able to use other components with our plant materials.

Rebecca, Sheree and Bronc are all intermediate level floral designers, they bring a lot of skill and enthusiasm to our club with a membership of approximately 29.


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