Warkworth Floral Art Club Celebrates 30 Years

Two days of celebrations in 2021, mark 30 years of floral artistry in Warkworth

Warkworth Floral Art Club celebrated its Pearl Anniversary in June this year. The two-day celebrations were a feast of food and floral artistry, enjoyed by enthusiastic club members, past members and invited guests.

The celebration began with Liz Chapman’s workshops. This was open primarily to Auckland Area members and attracted thirty-three participants from Whangarei in the North to Papakura in the South. Liz’s vibe and energy was amazing to watch as she challenged each participant to move out of their comfort zone.

The abstract world of Wassily Kandinsky was introduced in the morning and ‘Industrial Chic’ in the afternoon. The inspiration from the art world, the different materials used and the overall simplicity of the designs were new to most designers. Liz’s constructive feedback was insightful and affirming.

Friday’s Club Day was equally exciting. The many and varied competition entries for ‘Let’s Celebrate’ were impressive and set the scene. President Christine Endean welcomed special guests and all Club members to the celebration. A morning tea served on exquisite china with savoury and sweet treats, together with a photo display, sent members on a trip down memory lane and filled the room with laughter and chatter.

Liz Chapman judged the designs and offered a critique afterwards giving much constructive encouragement. Meanwhile, the hall was transformed into a restaurant, with Allison Ingram overseeing the production of top-quality food which was served, beautifully plated, at the tables.

Between courses, Delwyn Lawrence presented a brief history of the club, comparing the club to the development of a beautiful cottage garden – from its earliest beginnings, as it is today and as it will be in the future. Members were reminded how valuable we are as she likened us to the importance of flowers in a cottage garden; how, like flowers, we contribute our unique characteristics to the health and vitality of the Club. Posies were presented to ten members for their long and continuous service to the Club.

Following dessert, the anniversary cake, made and iced by Allison Ingram, was ceremonially cut by the FASNZ President and club member Marianne Gibson and Lyn Membery. This was such a fitting end to two wonderful days celebrating the Club’s 30th anniversary.

Christine Endean


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