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Styles of Design and Techniques

A new Styles of Design and Techniques handbook has been produced by the Academy of Floral Design members to complement “Flair”. It will be an invaluable resource for all members. In a spiral bound, open-flat format like “Flair”, all design styles and techniques are illustrated.

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Education Reference Book – Revised Edition 2021


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Floral Focus

The Floral Focus Magazine is produced 3 times per year by the Floral Art Society of NZ. It features the latest activities of what is happening throughout the regions of New Zealand. Many Styles and techniques appear throughout the magazines and any trends that are up and coming can also be seen. We always have a Conference Edition and this is where our main Demonstrator and Tutor is featured – usually an overseas Floral Artist. Each Issue features an Educational article written by FASNZ Education. A very glossy and colourful magazine in the Floral Art World.

Floral Focus Issue 88


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