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Step by Step - Christmas Gnomes

A step by step tutorial.


Cone Gnomes 5

• 13mm gauge mesh
• Cutters
• 2 Baubles
• 6” O Bowl
• Floral foam
• Pot tape
• 18”gauge wire
• Small piece of white felting wool or raw wool

Plant material:
• Moss, purchased or from the lawn … Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
• Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas fir)
• Oregon Pine cone, 25cm in length, for a base
• Pinus radiata for the smaller gnome

Cone Gnomes 1
Cone Gnomes 2

Step 1
Secure wire prongs at base of the pine cone, these will be used to anchor pine cone into container.

Cut mesh to a cone shape 250mm x 300mm depending on size of pine cone. Roll mesh around the pine cone which can be totally covered.

Tip: If the pine cone is too open and hard to work with, soak pine cone in water to make it close up. Takes about a day to work.

Step 2
Remove pine cone then pack the inside of the shape with the moss, place the pine cone back in the mesh.
Continue placing moss on the outside of mesh and pine cone until there is no mesh showing.
Use the scissors to push moss through the mesh.
Mould with your hands to press moss together.

Note: In Step 2 while the moss is wet the pine cone will stay closed, then once it dries out again the pine cone opens back to its normal size as it is starting to do in this picture on the right.

Cone Gnomes 3

Step 3
Bend the top over and place bauble at the end to form the hat.
Add the wool for the beard and place second bauble for the nose.

Step 4
Make a collar of the Douglas fir around the perimeter of the container.
Nestle the gnome in the centre of the floral foam using the wire prongs to secure firmly.

Cone Gnomes 4

Step 5
To make a group setting of smaller Christmas gnomes use the method above but have the Pinus radiata cones showing for a different effect.

Cone Gnomes 5

Two or more gnomes of varying sizes in a group look most impressive.
Place indoors on the hearth, under the Christmas tree or on an outdoors pathway in a wooded area.
A fun exercise to do with the children in the holidays for Christmas.



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