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Step by Step - String Fling

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A step by step design

by Annette Waller

You will need

  • 3 lengths of 3.15 mm Ferrox Rods
  • black insulation tape
  • black paper tape
  • blunt nosed pliers
  • kebab sticks
  • cotton string or jute twine
  • Container: a low pottery or glass container or a tall container with small bottle like opening
  • Plant material: 2 or 4 form flowers, 1 or 2 form leaves

Photo of rod, string, tapes and pliers

To construct the design

Step 1: wipe clean rods with a paper towel

Step 2: join rods together with insulation tape with an overlap of 4 cms

Step 3: cover rods with paper tape

Step 4: bend rods take pliers hold the wire with the pliers then bend with palm of the hand, turning the wire as you go for direction

Photo of bent rods and pliers

Adding the string

Step 5: Wind on the string by using a kebab stick. Hold this over at different angles to see where you want the string to fling, wind the string from rod to rod, making sure the string is taut.

Photo of adding string

To complete the design

Step 6: Placement of plant material. Place in a contemporary manner rather than a graduated placement. E.g. two flowers at the top and one lower down or opposite Foliage in an upright placement.

Completed design

Photo of finished design



Added to basket

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