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Technique - Shredding Phormium Leaves

by Beryl Watson

Preparing Phormium leaves
It is recommended not to pick Phormium leaves on a rainy day. The best time of day to pick is when the moisture has evaporated from the surface of the leaves.
Remove the centre spine and the outside edges.

Coarse and fine pinholder/kenzan
or dog comb
Phormium leaves

Shredding through Pinholder/Kenzan

Press the leaves onto the coarse pinholder/kenzan and draw through. Repeat, then move to the finer pinholder/kenzan until desired thickness of shredding is obtained.

Shredding using a Dog Comb

To use a dog comb, press the leaf onto the teeth of the comb and draw to the end. Repeat until desired thickness of shredding is obtained

Note: It is essential to wash your hands after shredding. Return excess leaves to the ground under the Phormium bush.



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